Best Chromebook For Students

Are you on the hunt for laptops that could centralize all of your school works in one place and have lots of access to different applications? If you are, you need to try looking for the best Chromebook for students.

You need to know what specs you are looking for so that you would be able to narrow down your choices. Do you need a portable and flexible one? Do you need a high processor? Do you need large internal storage? How about battery life? Consider these specs for easier selection of your ideal Chromebook.

Chromebook For Students Reviews

HP Chromebook 13 G1

HP Chromebook 13 G1 weighs below three pounds, and it has a 3200X1800 touch screen monitor and a backlit keyboard. It is installed with a high-end m7 processor with 16GB of RAM. It is a powerful chromebook for multi-tasking.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook Pro is a convertible laptop with a stylus pen for drawing and taking down notes. It has an aluminum body and a 2400X1600 display. It gives ample flexibility for students with different learning styles.

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Lenovo N22 Chromebook

Lenovo N22 Chromebook runs an Intel Celeron processor which can manage several chrome tabs for multitasking. This 11.6-inch notebook has a handle for portability. Users can also rotate the monitor for a 180-degree turn.

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Asus C201

Asus C201 runs a Rockship processor, and it lasts up to 13 hours unplugged. It has a decent 11.6-inch display, but it also has a small keyboard. Overall, it is a lightweight, portable, and inexpensive laptop with average performance.

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Dell Chromebook 11

Dell Chromebook 11 runs an Intel core processor, and it has a high definition display. It also has a tactile keyboard, track pad, and a multi-touch touchscreen monitor. It is a good chromebook for a reasonable price.

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Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba Chromebook 2 has a Full HD 1080p IPS display with 4GB of RAM and 16GB storage. It runs an Intel Celeron processor, which is more than enough for a browsing and typing. It also has a built-in backlit keyboard.

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ASUS Chromebook Flip (C100)

ASUS Chromebook Flip (C100) is portable albeit not powerful in terms of specifications. However, it has the basic requirements to run basic applications, and it can even run games. It also has outstanding app support.

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HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14 is a basic browsing device with an average performance and battery life. It has a good keyboard and track pad, and a high resolution screen. Its compact design measured only 14 inches.

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Acer Chromebook R11

Acer Chromebook R11 has a minimalist design, but it has good performance and battery life. It is also convertible, and has a high resolution touchscreen monitor. It is a good and well-priced chromebook.

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Acer Chromebook 15

Acer Chromebook 15 has fast processing power and a long battery life. It has 5.6-inch high definition screen, and it can run an i5 processor, if you prefer. However, it can feel heavy, and it has a slightly uncomfortable keyboard.

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Advantages of Chromebook for students

The price is just right. A Chromebook is efficient yet it costs lesser than a laptop. Students can definitely save money on this. Maintenance on a Chromebook is also less.

It’s easy to set up than most laptops. You can configure and use a Chromebook easily than a laptop. Also, the keyboards and the Docs application with Google is beneficial for students.

It has longer battery life and it turns on in a few seconds. You don’t have to wait two or three minutes for it to turn on. And you can use your chrome book for eight hours.

It’s really portable. It’s basically designed to be used for students and faculty. It’s lightweight and user-friendly. Google apps also facilitates communication with students and teachers easily.

It’s hassle-free. Chromebooks do not require special licenses and additional software before you can use them. You can use it right away when it’s already configured.

You don’t need to worry about malicious files ever again. A Chromebook has an updated and built-in virus protection. It saves you the hassle from downloading and buying your own virus protection program.

Taking care of your Chromebook

Never use other chemicals or liquids in cleaning your Chromebook. Use a dry cloth when wiping down the screen. Do not spill liquid on it. Close your Chromebook if you’re not using it.

Make sure the Chromebook is fully charged when you go to school. When charging, place it away from people who might trip on the power cord. This could damage the Chromebook.

Your Chromebook should be protected in the case that comes with the package. Do not just store it anywhere. And definitely don’t store your Chromebook with your other student things.

Keep your food, books, and notebooks away from the Chromebook. Do not place anything on top of it as that could damage the device. Heavy objects could seriously damage it.

Do not leave your Chromebook inside a vehicle. The heat inside the vehicle could either damage the battery life or could reduce the device’s life expectancy.

Never drop your Chromebook. Always keep it protected. Its display monitoris very fragile. It might crack if you exposed it to heavy weight or pressure.

Frequently asked questions about Chromebook

Where do I find apps for my Chromebook? Go to the Chrome Web Store and click on Apps. Click Add to Chrome when you find the app that you like. Then click Install.

What external devices are supported by Chromebook? You can use a DVD or CD ROM but they’re read-only. Acceptable are USB hard drives. Just click on Eject if you want to remove a particular external device.

Can I use a Mozilla or Internet Explorer with my Chromebook? No. A Chromebook is exclusive only for Google. You can’t use another browser with your Chromebook. This system runs on Chrome only.

Can I install a printer on my Chromebook?Download and install Google Cloud Print to be able to print either on your mobile or chrome device. Any printer would do.

Can I use other communication app like Skype on my Chromebook?Unfortunately, you can’t use Skype with your device. Don’t worry, Google Hangout is just as effective and easy to use as Skype.

Can I watch movies with my Chromebook?You can’t watch your DVDs with your Chromebook. However, Google Play and Hulu lets you stream movies online.

Tips and tricks for using your Chromebook

If you’re tired and don’t want to use your hands when opening Chrome apps, use Chrome App Launcher in opening useful application with your voice. The device already includes this type of search capability.

The Chrome App Launcher is not only voice-capable; you can also use it as a calculator. It even supports other calculator features like cos and sine. The App Launcher can also be used as a converter.

To make it easier to browse a site, just type the site name like Facebook or Twitter in the Omni bar and it will automatically add www on it. You can also click on Control + Enter to do this.

You can use the Omni bar by searching your Gmail email address. Right click on the bar and click Edit Search engine then type in Gmail. Use gms as the keyword and enter the email URL.

Talk to your Chromebook. Enable it by going to the Settings dialog box. Find the box that has Enable and click on OK Google. You can then start talking to your device.

You can use Cloud by saving files from your Chromebook. The device has limited storage space but Google lets you maximize storage by using Cloud.

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